The Well Longmont
on February 7th, 2018
by Chase Davis Philip Woods, our church plant resident, joined our residency in 2017 to plant a church in Longmont in 2018. During the residency, we discovered that Philip has a desire to plant a church which is very similar to The Well. Through a season of prayer and consideration, we decided that it would be advantageous for Philip to use the name The Well and our branding for his church plant.W...  Read More
Always Reforming
on November 6th, 2017
by Chase Davis Protestant churches all over the world celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation last week. This is a great event to celebrate for the church. The seeds of the Protestant Reformation were sown in the years before Luther, but culminated in his posting of 95 Theses at the church door in Wittenburg, Germany. His posting on the church door was an invitation to dialogue about p...  Read More
The Biblical Norm of Church Membership
on May 8th, 2017
by Chase Davis Mark Dever, pastor of Captiol Hill Baptist Church, once declared that “if you are not a member of the church you regularly attend, you may well be going to hell” (Joshua Harris, Stop Dating the Church, 55). His point in making this provocative statement is that the local church verifies your salvation and it is where you practice the love of God towards others. While this concept is...  Read More
A Return to Biblical Manhood
on November 30th, 2016
by Michael Hollister Recently, the men of The Well completed a 6-week study on Biblical Manhood led by Pastor Matt Patrick. The study focused on who God calls us to be as men in accordance with His design and followed 33: The Series curriculum.“Manhood”? Give me a break.That’s not an uncommon reaction. So let’s get real…Why did The Well believe a study on manhood was necessary? How did the study a...  Read More
A City Transformed
on October 29th, 2015
My wife wears glasses most days and most days they have smudges on them. My 2 year old is constantly needing his mom and it just so happens he also wants her glasses. He'll smudge them, get peanut butter on them, throw them, drool on them. This means that she has to constantly clean them. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to see. Organizations need a clear vision of what they're trying to do. A ...  Read More