Why is the Bible Important

by Chase Davis

Why is the bible important to Christianity?

This past Sunday I preached a sermon on the authority of the Bible here and how we should use the Bible. My hope is that you were encouraged to trust God’s word and study it more. I wanted to drop some extra resources in case you were curious to learn more about the authority of the Bible or how to read it.

Book Resource

Craig Blomberg is one of the foremost scholars on the veracity and authority of the Bible. You can read his latest book on this topic here. Book - Can We Still Believe the Bible? By Craig Blomberg here.

Audio Resource

Bryan Chapell has some great material on Christ-centered preaching and worship. In this podcast interview, he explains how to read the Old Testament in a way that keeps God’s redemptive plan front and center. It's called, “How to Read the Old Testament in a Christ-Centered Way.” Listen here.

Video Resource

The Bible Project has some great videos on reading the Bible and understanding the different books of the Bible. Get into The Bible Project here.