A City Transformed

by Chase Davis
My wife wears glasses most days and most days they have smudges on them. My 2 year old is constantly needing his mom and it just so happens he also wants her glasses. He'll smudge them, get peanut butter on them, throw them, drool on them. This means that she has to constantly clean them. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to see.
Organizations need a clear vision of what they're trying to do. A vision paints a picture of the future that the organization hopes to see happen. Without a clear vision, organizations tend to try to appease everyone and no one. They get distracted and unmotivated. Eventually, they die. A clear vision sums up what that organization wants to happen. It provides it with direction.
God has given his church a great vision for the future. In Revelation, Jesus comes back and makes all things new. He brings all things to himself. He forms the City of God. And all people who love God are before him and satisfied.
Until that time, churches are to seek that vision in their local context. So what does it look like for a church in Boulder to have a vision for God for the city.
The Well exists to create a Christ devoted community, which transforms our city.
The vision won't be fulfilled until Christ returns. We will constantly be encouraging and pushing our church to be a community of people devoted to Christ. And subsequently, our church will be transforming the city. The vision for the city of Boulder is it would be known for its display of the glory of God in tech start-ups, fitness, and food. That every sphere of influence and every cultural crevice would be filled with the love of God. People would work not just for money but for God's name. CU would be a university known for excellent research that honors and proclaims the greatness of God. The places in our city where idols are worshipped and there is no good news would die. Instead, the good news of Jesus Christ would be proclaimed everywhere and in every way.