Great Exchange Church Folds into The Well

by Derek Barnett

Meet The Well's College Director

This past Sunday, we officially announced that Great Exchange Church is folding into The Well! In June, Great Exchange’s Lead Pastor Derek Barnett will also be joining The Well Staff as our new College Director!

We look forward to you all meeting Derek, his wife Sara and their two kids–Karis and Judah. We recently interviewed Derek to share more about the story of folding into The Well and what he’s looking forward to amidst it all.

The Story

Why did The Well and Great Exchange Church come together?
In 2015, me and a team of 35 people started Great Exchange Church in Boulder on the CU campus. During the last few years, The Well has maintained a great relationship with Great Exchange and fostered a lot of commonality. I eventually was asked to join The Well as the College Director, and many of our church members were already eager to join The Well alongside my family.

Tell us more about the commonality shared between The Well and Great Exchange.
The Well and Great Exchange Church are already similar in many ways. We have similar theological stances, styles of ministry and a similar vision to see Boulder reached for the glory of God. So, we decided to ask the question, “Could we be better together?” We believe the answer is, “Yes!” We look forward to seeing the impact we can have together as we pursue Jesus, community, and city transformation as one community under The Well.

How will folding into The Well change our presence at CU Boulder?
We have already been doing a number of great things for students at Great Exchange. Folding into The Well will allow us to be even more intentional about our ministry to college students. We will begin to multiply The Well’s CU Missional Community, host regular nights of worship on campus, and begin programs to help build community and make disciples amongst the students of CU that call The Well their home.

What are you most excited as Great Exchange folds into The Well?
I’m most excited about equipping and empowering the next generation to grow in their faith, to reach their God-given potential, and to lead the church well!

Also, I’ve heard that you haven’t really lived until you’ve shared an office with The Well Staff!