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The City

The City

What is The City?

As The Well continues to grow it is important that we maintain close
relationships within the church. The City allows for people within The
Well to connect with one another easily. On The City we can share
needs, prayer requests, topics, and events. People can message one
another and talk with church leadership directly. The City is our online

What can I do on The City?

Our Missional Communities each have a group on The City where they
can share plans for meals, serving, and studying. Leaders and
volunteers can upload schedules and talk about different ministry
needs. The City also features a growth area where everyone on The
City can read the word and record any thoughts they have in the
journal section. It also offers online giving. One great feature of The
City is the marketplace which is an area where people can share things
they are selling, buying or just browsing for.

How do I join The City?

When you come to a gathering of The Well, you'll find a table with a
computer and volunteer ready to assist you in joining The City. Make
sure that once you sign up at our gathering, you accept the invitation
to join The City you'll receive in your email. You can then create a profile
and connect to most anyone that is part of The Well. If you haven't made
it to one of our gatherings to join The City, Contact Us and request an
invite. You can log in to your city account by visiting