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Josh Cook // CU MC Leader


Josh serves The Well as the CU Missional Community Leader. Josh grew up in Seaside, California and now lives in Boulder with his wife Ashley. He loves getting to spend time with friends, neighbors, and coworkers, as well as exploring the world behind the lens of a camera. For work, Josh is the Retail Brand Manager for Pactimo Cycling Apparel. Josh’s favorite thing about The Well is getting to love our city alongside a bunch of redeemed sinners that he gets the privilege of calling his brothers, sisters, and friends. His hope for The Well is to see the Holy Spirit continue to bring about gospel transformation in the lives of this church in a way that is visibly evident and explainable not by the works of our hands alone. His vision is that the outflow of this would be a community of redeemed sinners welcoming and entering into the brokenness of our city with a hope that is undeniable!