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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Church Plant Resident:
We're excited to share the opportunity to plant a church through The Well. We're a church that's passionate about churches planting churches. After sending out our first Church Plant Resident in August 2016, we are excited to bring on another resident.

The Well Church Plant Residency is a 1 to 2 year development program which is designed to train and send out church plants. The residency consists of 4 parts. The first quarter of the residency will cover self-awareness and spirituality. The second quarter of the residency will cover theology and core values of church plants sent from The Well. The third quarter will be the development of a church plant team and prospectus. The final quarter will be centered around the strategies and methods to launch a successful church plant.

The Well Church Plant Resident will work alongside the Lead Pastor of The Well while gaining experience and training of church planting. This person will attend all staff meetings and Acts 29 West events. They will fundraise for their plant and salary while developing church relationships in the plant area.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, then:

1. Review the job description.
2. Email your résumé to
3. Apply here.

We’ll follow up with you to talk more about your desire to plant a church.